What is Authentication?

Authentication is when the Ontario government certifies that the notary public’s seal and signature appearing on a notarized document is that of a licensed and appointed notary public in and for the province of Ontario.

In some cases, usually if the document is to be used in a foreign country, it may be necessary to have the notary’s seal and signature verified (authenticated) by either the Ontario’s Ministry of Government Services or the Canadian Government’s Global Affairs Canada.

The Ontario Government maintains a database of all individuals who are authorized as notaries public in Ontario.

You should check whether you require an independent authentication of a notary’s seal and signature with the individual or organization that has requested your notarized document.

Can a Notary Public Apostille Documents?

No. Canada is not a signatory to the international treaty that allows for the apostilling of documents. The Canadian alternative to apostilling documents is to have the notary public’s seal and signature authenticated and then legalized by the foreign consulate. See Apostille in Canada for more information.